Hello world!

Hello all!

‘Wanderlust’ – a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world (according to Wikipedia directly).

I believe there is a wanderlust embedded in everything that we write, and in everything that we read. I believe that there is a longing from both the writer and the reader to transport our minds into somewhere completely new and beautiful, or dark and fantastical, or even simply to the breakfast table of our beloved character.

So, because of this and my absolute fascination with all things ‘words’, I have decided to share my journey with writing with you. I have decided to share the quotes that make me sit back and marvel, the books that moved me to ignoring the last two pages out of a desperate fear for it never to end, and my wacky thoughts that often make no sense yet become my best pieces of writing.

I hereby introduce you to a small slice of my mind.


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